Starflam for electrical vehicle



Automotive industry enters in a new era with traditional combustion engine being replaced by electrical power. This transition to a new technology leads to new challenges for plastic materials with safety being one of the major requirements for electrical vehicle. Higher electrical voltages and currents mean higher risk of fire due to electrical failure such as short circuit or temperature increase therefore the need for new materials with outstanding flame retardant and electrical insulating performance is becoming of prime importance for the automotive industry.

Thanks to its long history in the electrical circuit protection, Starflam compounds from Eurostar EP can provide a strong value proposition for applications such as components for charging system, connectors, contactors, relays, insulators etc.

Multiple Starflam solutions such as:
Starflam RF0068E (PA66 30% Glass Fiber Reinforced, Halogen and Red Phosphorous Free Flame Retardant materials)
Starflam PF0057E (PA6 25% Glass Fiber Reinforced, Halogen and Red Phosphorous Free Flame Retardant materials)

Provide new solutions to the industry thanks to their unique performance level and certifications:
• Improved safety with UL94 V0 flame performance, electrical tracking index of 600V
• Outstanding Mechanical properties: high rigidity and impact strength
• Long term performance and reliability with high RTI, UL f1 rating and no blooming under wet conditions
• Stable orange colour as safety marker for Electrical Components.

The unique know-how in the development of halogen-free, flame-retarding plastics makes the French company an important supplier for Lenorplastics.